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Quote of the Day

Um, no…he doesn’t. Cleveland Cavaliers guard Damon Jones is really feelin’ himself right about now. He’s been quoted as saying,
“‘Not only am I the most attractive player in Cleveland, I am the most attractive player in the NBA. If I decide to go out to dinner or a club after a game, you’ll never see Damon Jones running behind any women. I don’t have to. women choose. If a woman is interested in Damon Jones, she’s going to have to pursue me or we will never meet. I don’t have to pursue any woman. I have what every woman wants. I’m attractive, I’m charismatic, I’m rich. I’m every woman’s dream.” Source
Really Damon? Speaking for myself, the thick gums, Steve Harvey teeth and taco meat would make me run for the hills. But whatevs.

3 Responses to “Quote of the Day”

  1. hahahahahah that is hilarious. i kept reading his quote and glancing back up at his face like “huh, HE said that?” ugh…he needs to get some time in a mirror and reevaluate 🙂

    -Alicia L.

  2. I read ALL your blogs and didnt comment on none until I came to this… it REALLY tickled my stomach.
    I can NOT believe words flew from those ashy lips of his. The man is “aight”! He is NOT: A. Fine B.Fine As Hell C.Hella Fine
    If I seen him on the street or in the club I wouldnt even know WHO he was!
    …I can go on for DAYS about this!!
    I am UPSET.

  3. Sighs…poor soul. Him and his loud mouth uncle Steve need to go somewhere…and never come back.

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