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Oh Gary…

Garry Coleman recently tried to sell his Saturn on ebay. The description reads:
What you all are looking at is The famous Gary Coleman’s 2007 Saturn Sky. This Roadster is the coolest car out in the market and you can now have one with a really cool Value if you bid on this Famous one. Thank you for checking out my site please email with any Further Questions. The Winning Bidder gets a complimentary autograph from Gary Himself. Good Luck and Happy Bidding!!!! GOD BLESS!!! Also Mudflap add on is on the car. This vehicle is gently used and in excellent condition of course.
My heart just shattered into a thousand pieces. Not because he has to sell his Saturn (chuckles) for a few extra bucks, not because he calls himself and his Saturn (chuckles again) famous, and not because he’s throwing in a free autographed picture. My heart is beyond repair due to 1. the fact that he has green Crocs on and 2. the fact that even though the pic isn’t close up I can still tell that his hands are as ashy as they were a few months ago when he tried to sell his game cube on Ebay.
I hope he’s ashamed of himself.

2 Responses to “Oh Gary…”

  1. Sigh…crocs?

  2. Yes…like, not only are they Crocs…but they’re lime green for Pete’s sake!

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