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Archive for January 2008

Random Pics

January 31, 2008

We’ve got a code black! I need a meatball sandwich, a hearty chowder, some bagel bites, a warm plate of fettuccini alfredo, and fully loaded roll from Cinnabon! I’m talking extra frosting and pecans! Now hurry! Red team go! Red team go!For those of you who were asking for a definition of a term I […]

Bill Cosby Does Hip-Hop?

January 31, 2008

Grandpa Bill is at it again. In the past Bill has been on the “All Rap is Crap” bandwagon and has seriously criticized hip-hop at large, blaming it for many of the problems facing black youth today. Well hold onto your butts kids cus Grandpa is comin’ out with a Hip-Hop album called State of […]

Katie’s at the End of her Rope

January 31, 2008

Rumor has it that Katie Holmes stormed out of a Scientology meeting recently because she just can’t take it anymore. She’s been stressed out over those crazy videos of Tom assuming his role as Captain Scientology, Mayor of Crazytown. In addition to that, she’s mad at Tom for forcing her to do “Mad Money” instead […]

Fanny Shut Down the Color Purple?

January 31, 2008

The Color Purple will be closing on Sunday February 24th after two years on Broadway. Some are attributing the close of the show to Fantasia Barino. If you recall, the American Idol alum missed 50 performances during her run as Celie. This resulted in mass refunds. If the headliner is does not perform the ticket […]

Coco Pic of the Day

January 25, 2008

This outfit is absolutely mesmerizing. I find myself staring at it and I can’t look away. Are there subliminal messages in the pattern? Or is it her enormous knockers that have got my eyes glued to the screen? I’m sure this pic could be used in some type of brainwashing experiment. Lawd knows it would […]

Manifesto Game Time

January 25, 2008

Please read the below paragraph. Wearing a black, leather biker jacket, black polo shirt and faded blue jeans and with his long hair pulled back in tightly braided dreadlocks, Omar bin Laden, 26, spoke via satellite from Cairo with his 52-year-old British wife at his side. The fourth-oldest son of the world’s most wanted man […]

Video of the Day

January 24, 2008

Black people, let me talk to you for a sec. I want you all to go back to the first time you heard Lisa Stansfield sing. I’m sure all of you thought she was black. Then I want you to go back to the first time that you saw Lisa Stansfield. Even though she is […]

B-Day Weekend Wrap-up

January 22, 2008

I’m in a much better mood after a lovely weekend. I hit up VIPs in West Orange with the T&A crew, Rhonda, Danny, Brewer, and Denise. It was a lovely time and I must give props to the very talented and friendly Kelly and Janelle. They showed us a REAL good time. Honorable mention goes […]

Nate Dogg Recovering from a Stroke

January 22, 2008

Nate Dogg suffered a stroke over the holidays according to his manager. He is paralyzed on the left side of his body. His rep Rob McGrew said, ““Time will tell everything, obviously. The doctor can only guess what the outcome will be,” McGrew said. “But based on situations with similar people his age, and based […]

Beyonce is a Scab?

January 18, 2008

The Foo Fighters won’t be the only ones crossing the picket lines to perform at the Grammys. Beyonce has announced that she’s going to perform as well. Other performers like JT, Fiddy, and Bon Jovi are vowing to NOT cross picket lines in support of the WGA. The show’s organizers say that it will go […]