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Dionne Warwick Got Her Chain Snatched

Auntie Dionne got run for all her jewels and jems on Tuesday. She was staying at a hotel in Italy whil on tour and had $100K worth of her stuff stolen. The items incluPoor Dionne! Dionne Warwick got jewelry stolen from her Rome hotel room Tuesday. Dionne is touring Italy this month and while she was out preparing for a concert, thieves broke into her room and stole $100,000 worth of stuff. Her stolen items include diamond rings, a necklace, earings, and a rolex that were left out on her nightstand. The room she was staying in was the saem exact room that Cameron Diaz stayed in when she was robbed years ago. Weird coinky dink, no?
I’m sure Dionne is upset but at least they didn’t get her stash of cheeba…cus you know she likes to get lifted and she’s gonna need it to console her right about now.

One Response to “Dionne Warwick Got Her Chain Snatched”

  1. shouldn’t she have seen this coming, I mean her having a psychic connection and all? tisk tisk tisk.
    Pabvon not so anonymous just too lazy to sign in, hahaha

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