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Come Into My Bush!

Words cannot express how much I CAN’T STAND Bindi Irwin. She’s joined the growing list of celebs who have advice for Britney Spears. Her mom said, “Bindi’s the one who said, ‘People who are having trouble should go in the Bush with us when we do our crocodile research work.’ If Britney and her family want to go in the Bush with us, we’d love to have them.”
Is it weird that I wanna punch her in the face? I mean, I know she’s only like 9 but I’m a firm believer that sometimes a little knuckle sandwich every once in a while is good for children. Now that I’ve gott that off my chest I must ask, was I the only one who cackled like a 11 year old boy when I heard the word bush? And then immediately had the image of Brit’s hairless vag pop into my mind? No? Oh…

One Response to “Come Into My Bush!”

  1. Get a life she is a nine year old kid.

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