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B-Day Weekend Wrap-up

I’m in a much better mood after a lovely weekend. I hit up VIPs in West Orange with the T&A crew, Rhonda, Danny, Brewer, and Denise. It was a lovely time and I must give props to the very talented and friendly Kelly and Janelle. They showed us a REAL good time. Honorable mention goes to Pamela (please insert heavy Latin accent) from Panama who gave a valiant effort at her best Coco impression.

Sunday I watched football instead of hitting up the roller rink. Maybe I’ll do that next weekend. I’m glad I did because watching the Giants win is a once in a lifetime type of event.

Yesterday Brewer and I went to see Cloverfield since it was sold out Friday. All I have to say is if you have a weak stomach or get motion sickness fairly easily then don’t go see it. It’s like Blair Witch meets Godzilla, crossed with Jurassic Park on Acid. I needed an Alka-Seltzer and some Ginger Ale afterwards.

Sidebar, when we were leaving the theater Tracy Morgan was walking in. His wife recently filed for divorce because of his drunkard ways and he was saying that the reports weren’t true and that they were very much still together. Well guess what? The young lady holding his hand was NOT his wife. If I wasn’t so dizzy and ill from the movie I would have whipped out my camera and taken a pic right then and there. But alas, I was concentrating on not puking.

Anywayz, it was a fantabulous weekend overall and I even managed to drag myself to work today with little effort. Thanks everyone for the birthday cards, calls, e-mails and to those of you who actually spent some time with me this past week. I truly appreciate all of it!

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