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Video of the Day

Black people, let me talk to you for a sec. I want you all to go back to the first time you heard Lisa Stansfield sing. I’m sure all of you thought she was black. Then I want you to go back to the first time that you saw Lisa Stansfield. Even though she is quite clearly caucaziod I bet y’all were still tryin’ to make her black. I distinctly recall one of my mom’s friends (yes, Robin, I’m talkin’ bout you) saying, “Well maybe she’s really light skinned. I mean, she could be creole or somethin’.”
Sighs…listen my fellow blackles…we can’t claim everyone who’s got a little bit of soul in them. Even if they’re rockin’ one of the most stellar spit curls ever. With that said, sit back and enjoy our sista girl Lisa…I threw in an extra video just for shits and giggles.


One Response to “Video of the Day”

  1. wow…this is my 1st time seein’ this vid. This is news to me…

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