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Bill Cosby Does Hip-Hop?

Grandpa Bill is at it again. In the past Bill has been on the “All Rap is Crap” bandwagon and has seriously criticized hip-hop at large, blaming it for many of the problems facing black youth today. Well hold onto your butts kids cus Grandpa is comin’ out with a Hip-Hop album called State of Emergency according to AllHipHop.com. Now don’t get it twisted. There will be nothing on the album resembling Tip Drill or What Dat Thang Smell Like. No, no. He is using this album to address some of the issues he feels are plaguing our community today like black on black crime and teen pregnancy.
I’m not quite sure what to say. He’s done comedy albums. He’s even sung as we can see from the above album cover (God bless Google Images!). But rap? His intentions: noble. His method: damn ridiculous. Since we know he’ll never be better than the Rappin’ Granny I’m going to have to ask Grandpa Bill to go sit down somewhere.

(Thanks for the info Mini D!)


One Response to “Bill Cosby Does Hip-Hop?”

  1. That was amazing. I don’t know if I need a nap or a cigarette…

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