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Fanny Shut Down the Color Purple?

The Color Purple will be closing on Sunday February 24th after two years on Broadway. Some are attributing the close of the show to Fantasia Barino. If you recall, the American Idol alum missed 50 performances during her run as Celie. This resulted in mass refunds. If the headliner is does not perform the ticket holder can request a refund. Ergo, the show was cost a lot of money by her repeated absences. Conversely, the ticket sales were at their highest during Fantasia’s time with the show. So when she stopped performing as Celie people stopped buying tickets. This further resulted in a loss of money. The higher ups decided to end the show and send it on a national tour. Source
Dang Fanny. You musta been good to shut down the whole damn production. Now I’m kinda mad that when I saw after she left. From what I hear from people who’ve seen her in it, she is the shizz. Too bad it couldn’t have a longer run here on Broadway. But, at least now people in other cities get to check out the show.

8 Responses to “Fanny Shut Down the Color Purple?”

  1. Do your reseach and you will find that Fantasia didnot shut down the color purple. Chaka and Bebe were not that good and they had no pre-sale tickets like when Fantasia started. Fantasia had 6 million dollars in presale before she even hit the stage..
    Oh yeah she did not miss 50 performances they reported on channel 2 news it was 24 but you know how blogs are they get everything wrong.

  2. I saw this show once while Fantasia was there. Tell me why I went back to see this show after Fanny left? I was so mad I wanted my damn money back, that was not even the same show. That chick that is playing Celie can’t even act. Its no wonder they are closing the show, without Fantasia there is no Color Purple

  3. To Anonymous:

    You obviously can’t read. This post did not assess full blame to Fanny for the demise of the show… get your sh!t str8. Furthermore, you are a punk because you couldn’t even show your name. What are afraid of? Let it be known who you are when you make a$$hole commentary.


    I haven’t been privileged enough to see the play, but it would be hard for any person to hold a candle to Fanny. That girl sure can blow! Her replacement was doomed from the beginning… I can imiagine it a hard task to find a talent who fits the bill physically and vocally.

  4. And the claws come out!!!

  5. These blogs owners do love the drama. I love you Tasia and i hope you keep doing your thing and please don’t read the blogs.

  6. Dear “Blog Owner”

    After a brief assessment, I’ve determined that this anonymous character is definitely of the weaker female persuasion. To take cheap stabs at you like that is tres juvenile and she has nothing better to do than leave tired @ss posts. Keep doing what you’re doing. Brush the haters off because, in the big scheme of things, they don’t matter.

    ps. this anonymous is still an illiterate punk.

  7. After reading all this i will say that under no condition did Fantasia had anything to do with the closing of the color purple. I saw the play and she was terrific and Chaka just didn’t have it.
    And Anonymous i do feel you.

  8. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! Everyone pump your breaks for a second. I don’t normally feel a need to clarify myself but in this case I will since some of you REALLY don’t know how to read AND comprehend. If you actually paid attention to what I wrote you would see that I’m not definitively attributing the closing of the show to Fantasia. What I’m saying is that some people believe that and then giving reasons why. I’m also not dogging her in ANY way. Because people wanted to see her so badly and she is no longer in the show and ticket sales have plummeted this is a tribute to the fact that she is indeed an extremely talented artist.
    I did do research and I saw that multiple sources (one of which I sited) said that she missed at least 50 performances. But none of that actually matters. The point is that this is a blog. And as stated in my disclaimer, I’m not a news outlet to be treated as gospel.
    With that said, calm down and think before you speak. You do nothing but make yourself look silly by reacting so quickly and misconstruing what I wrote.
    PS-I don’t want you to stop commenting…it just shows that you’re reading. Keep hittin’ my page. It’ll only make me blow up faster. Peace!

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