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Random Pics

We’ve got a code black! I need a meatball sandwich, a hearty chowder, some bagel bites, a warm plate of fettuccini alfredo, and fully loaded roll from Cinnabon! I’m talking extra frosting and pecans! Now hurry! Red team go! Red team go!
For those of you who were asking for a definition of a term I often use-Blackle-Here you go! Eddie, go somewhere and stop frontin! Riddle me this…in the picture at the bottom right…what is his right hand reaching for? That man’s crotch perhaps? This is Tik…one of the Flavor of Love girls from season 3. Allz I gotta say is: What?! What?! In the butt! And speaking of butts… When is Lola Love going to do something about those crazy implants she’s got?
This is JUST why folks talk about black people…this ish right here!
Oh Bobby…

2 Responses to “Random Pics”

  1. I NEED two of these pictures to be in my life…

    One is the hottie with the nice butt (the picture above the butt implants pic)

    The other is the jeweled Frosted Flakes box chained around my neck.

    With those two things combined… I will FINALLY be blacker than Adam…

  2. 1. you’re not great…you’re amazing.
    2. Her butt is atomic. Ask Brewer and Jordan the significance of that word.
    3. I think you should throw in some grillz for good measure.
    4. You may already be blacker than Adam.

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