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God Bless the Little Children

Wacko Jacko’s kids were recently photographed sans masks…well that is except for Prince…he’s apparently picking up some of his dad’s bad habits and was covering up.
Anyway, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Dem chilluns ain’t his. Well not in blood anyway. He’s ‘taken care’ of them their whole lives so something’s to be said about that. But as far as actually fathering them Lo votes no. Niambi, you’re the gene expert, back me up on this. I vaguely recall from the semester of genetics that I took that there’s something about dominant genes and something else and chromosomes and traits or whatever but basically Negroid genes like big round snonk noses and kinky hair will present themselves in some way shape or form when mixed with no-Negroid genes. And even if one child some how doesn’t exhibit those genes there’s no WAY in holy hell all of them will escape that fate. Right?
Ah well. I guess it doesn’t really matter. Maybe Jacko is easin up on them…or maybe they’re staging a rebellion. Either way its nice to see them walking around without their veils.

2 Responses to “God Bless the Little Children”

  1. technically it’s possible for his kids to have no trace of black in them. the whole trait thing is like probability. but the kids daddys side is completely black and the mommas side is from the looks of them completely white. so its quite possible but i wouldnt be surprised if they werent his kids. but i do believe that alot of the black traits are dominate..b/c you can tell if somebody got some black in them just by looking at the face but…iono…huuuum.

  2. What kinda help are you?! J/K

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