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Video of the Day

I bet you $3 and a pack of Now ‘N Laters that these kids are no more than 16 or 17 years old. Someone needs to go down in the basement and stop their little cousin from getting knocked up. Actually, scratch that. It’s too late. As hard as these two are grindin’ she’s most definately pregnant.

And little boy! Where did you learn all those nasticle moves? Layin’ down doin the 1-2 pump with simalac still on his breath. Oh, and you guessed it…this isn’t the only video he’s made…there are more. For Pete’s sake, Jesus take the wheel! PS-this ain’t for the chilluns to be watchin’. I don’t want y’all gettin’ ANY ideas. See you in prayer meeting on Monday night.


4 Responses to “Video of the Day”

  1. I need water STAT!

  2. To cool yourself off perhaps?

  3. um…nice moves…little boy…ugh…but oooo at the same time…ew i don’t like this!

  4. Yea, I was sittin’ there admiring his technique until I realized he was a man-child…at which point I felt ashamed of myself…kinda in the same way i felt when I lusted after J-Boog from B2K.

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