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Happy Black History Month

Aaron McGruder

I must say that when I first started hearing a buzz about Aaron McGruder I wasn’t particularly moved (I still wore colored contacts for Pete’s sake…but that’s a whole other subject). So the more that I heard the more interested I was. The adventures of brothers Huey and Riley, the main characters of his comic strip and now animated series “The Boondocks” give a voice to thoughts and feelings that if not most of us have had. Mcgruder mixes humor with strong imagery and vocabulary to get across his point or at the very least to open up dialogue. Although I read the strip I didn’t catch on to the series on the Cartoon Network cus I NEVER knew when it was on. I’ve only caught 1 episode…EVER. Wanna know which one it is?

Ha!!! I saw this and laughed my lil Nigra booty off. Everytime I think of Uncle Rukus I think of a certain Aunt of mine (who shall remain nameless) that would do things like tell my sister (who’s a beautiful shade of brown) “See, Lolo can go outside cus she’s yella. But you, well you’re already dark so you better stay outta the sun.” Sighs…
Anywho, let’s celebrate Mr. McGruder today for taking chances and being bold enough to capture the black urban experience.

2 Responses to “Happy Black History Month”

  1. When will Justin Jordan get his time in the spotlight?

  2. Hmm, I’d say after Jesse Jackson and before Flavor Flav. Sound fair?

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