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Flavor of Love 3 Episode 7 Recap

Flav gathers the girls around and tells them that the object of this competition is to put together a Flavor of Love 3 Calendar. Buckwild and Saaphyri come to help decide who wins the competition and goes on the date Flav and later who goes home. There are 12 months, 6 girls, 3 hours and 1 photographer. The girls must decide who’s what month. Shy is excited. She’s instructing the girls how to model and says, “I’ve done hair shows, I’ve watched Tyra Banks’ show. I practice in the mirror.” Uh, thanks Shy.
The Competition:
As they start to decide who’s going to do what month Prancer starts volunteering for everything which irritates everyone. Shy volunteers to do February and gets a “we’ll see” from everyone. Prancer is the only on who is gutta enough to tell Shy that it’s February, you should be half naked. It’s Valentine’s Day. Her stomach looks like shit.” Thank you prancer for your candor.
Shy and the twins do July in short tails and Daisy Dukes. Saaphyri thinks they should have shown more skin.
Prancer does May (even though Hotlanta was supposed to be in the shoot with her),
and July.
Shy comes out and starts poppin’ off saying something like “Look at the vision!” Prancer retorts “Look at your stretchmarks!” I pause to release a chortle. Things 1&2 do November in nighties while hovering over a hot stove. At one point the photographer says, “Here we go things!” (insert queer swirl on that verbiage)
Seezinz and Hotlanta do August in bathing suits.
When Hotlanta is done with the shoot she goes inside.
Prancer asks the photographer if he can reshoot the shot with Seezinz and her instead. He obliges. Seezinz decides to join Prancer in the calendar sabotage mission. She too will be in EVERY shot if it kills her.
Seezinz poses as a sexy teacher for September. Sinceer and Thing 2 pose for October in sexy Halloween costumes. Seezinz was supposed to be posing for October. Do you see where this is going friends?
Well its now time to shoot for February…the much sought after month. Sinceer and Shy are supposed to pose for this month but as they’re getting ready they’re informed by one of the Things to hurry up and go down stairs because Prancer and Seezinz are preparing to shoot together. They fight and then decide to ALL shoot for this month and may the best pic win. Prancer and Seezinz shoot together. Things 1&2 shoot together. Shy and Sinceer shoot together…they git freaky…Lo vomits in mouth. Time for the March shoot which was supposed to be Sinceer but Prancer and Seezinz come racing down the stairs slathered in green sluttiness. A huge fight ensues. The photographer tries to calm things down but pacifies himself with having a drink. Smart move photog! The girls gather with Saaphyri and Buckwild to choose pics and to choose a winner. They are critical of all the pictures that Shy, Hotlanta, Things 1&2, and Sinceer take and think the ones Prancer and Seezinz are in are hot and sexy. So, shocker, Prancer and Seezinz win. Shy says, “I’m disgusted, busted and can’t be trusted.” What does that even mean? Is it somehow a reference to ur stank breath?
Later Hotlanta is talking about the days she spent as a starving stripper single mother and that has the twins wondering if she’s just here to get Flav to take care of her. Shy makes a dental appointment in hopes of handling her mouth issues. Prancer believes her breath stinks because there are only two tooth brushes in Shy’s bathroom which is shared by three people. Interesante!
Downstairs, Thing 2 overhears Hotlanta having a phone converstion about one of her baby daddies. She says something to the effect of “If you can get money out of Jerry then get money out of Jerry!” (Jerry being her baby daddy.) Thign two immediately runs to tel Sinceer, Thing 1, and Shy.

The Date:
Seezinz and Prancer are instructed to wear leotards for their date. Seezinz wears hers with some nice accessories and heels. Prance throws on a skirt over hers and those god forsaken skate sneakers. UGH!!!!! When they get in the limo Seezinz sees an opportunity to get Flavs attention and starts swapping spit with him. It’s pretty much downhill for Prancer from that point on. hen they go inside for the date they see it’s an aerial studio where they’ll be trained to use the ribbons and the rings. Flav gets stretched. Then Prancer climbs the ribbons but Seezinz climbs higher. She then gets on the rings and swing with Flav. Prancer is getting tight.
Meanwhile shy is at the dentist. He can tell she has a lot of sugar in her diet. She’s told that brushing and flossing twice a day, a fluoride rinse and a deep cleaning will be beneficial. He also thinks in order to achieve the “Hollywood smile” she wants she’ll need to remove teeth, get a few root canals, and get some fillings. The laundry list of work will cost a pretty penny. Back to the date, Seezinz having private talks with Flav while intermittently getting tongued down by him while Prancer swings upside down on the ropes by herself. When they get back Shy tells Flav about the dentist and says that she’s made herself a mint chain which she’ll carry around with her and suck on just so she can get at him. Ilk! Then she and the twins tell Flav about the Hotlanta “Jerry” conversation. Flav takes Hotlanta outside and she tells him that she hasn’t been with Jerry since August. I have no idea what the time frame is between her breaking up with Jerry and the taping of the show. Anyway, she has all these bills that need to get paid and she needed to get the money from Jerry (who’s currently out of work) and that’s what the convo was about. Flav starts wondering if she is just lookin’ for a meal ticket.

Saaphyri and Buckwild come up to Flav’s room and tell him to get rid of Hotlanta cus or better Shy cus she likes to fight for no reason. The only one who they liked “a little bit” was Seezinz.

Who’s In?: Who’s Out?: But but but but wait it gets worse! It’s not over cus Saaphyri says that none of them are good enough for Flav and brings in 4 new chicks who will join them in the house. Meet the new girls.

Awwwww shit! Looks like it’s about to get real interestin’ up in derr!


2 Responses to “Flavor of Love 3 Episode 7 Recap”

  1. Tranny Mess! 🙂

  2. Uh yea…they all look a little “off”. Sad thing is though, that they’re better put together than the original girls. SMH

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