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Tom Thumb Wedding

Lossip is reporting that Cheetah Girl’s/3LW band member, Adrienne Bailon and Robert Kardashian of the infamous Kardashian crew, got married in vegas over the weekend. Source
Aye dios! These fast ass kids…seriously, they’re like 12 and runnin off and getting married. I shoulda known something like this was gonna happen when Rob went and got that girl’s name on his damn ribs. SMH

2 Responses to “Tom Thumb Wedding”

  1. Ok.. So let me see how this works. After 3mons of dating, you go get her full name Adrienne Bailon permanently tatooed on your rib. (why there). Then you were about to drop out of college to pursue modeling. (have you seen his hairline). Then you run off and get married (So now her name is Adrienne Kardashian, not Adrienne Bailon anymore).. What college does he go to again?

  2. Clown college?

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