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Flavor of Love 3: Episode 13 Recap

The show picks up after last week’s elimination with Sinceer and Seezins fighting (surprise surprise). Seezinz calls her out on throwing Stick Thing under the bus.
They head off to France. In the limo Seezinz works it out so that Flave has to sit by her and Black and Sinceer is singled out. They touch down in Cannes, France. The suite at the 314 hotel is fully stocked.
In the morning they sit down for breakfast. Seezinz admits that she saw no fireworks the first time she kissed Flav but the others say they definitely did. Black says that she doesn’t have to fight for time with Flav because he comes to her. Sinceer’s conniving gears are turning when she hears these two revelations.
Flav takes the girls out on a 100ft yacht. Flav is definitely feelin’ Black cus he cant keep his hands or lips off of her. Sinceer doesn’t like this so she tries to cut in on the lovin’. When Flav suggests going for a swim Sinceer says that she didn’t bring her bikini bottoms. So she has to sit in the dingy while Flav swims and canoodles with the other two girls.
It’s food time and Flav brings up his decision to eliminate Stick Thing. He wonders if he made the right decision. Sinceer is feelin’ some kinda way about it because she feels like he’s questioning having kept her. After lunch Flav tells the girls to get ready and cus he’s taking them to a Soiree.

Soiree They go to a ball at a casino and it’s full of old people. Flav starts dancin’ witn Seezinz, then Sinceer sandwiches him in, then Black comes in and breaks it up. Seezinz gets stolen away by an old man, at which point it’s time to sit down for dinner.
At dinner Sinceer starts questioning Black. She brings up the whole psycho/stalker thing again. Flav lays it out on the table and says, “You come checkin for me then I’ll come checkin for you.” At which point Seezinz asks him, “Can I come check for you?” So Flav leaves with Seezinz. They’re having a night cap and who comes knocking on the door but Sinceer. She asks to speak to him alone so he dismisses Seezinz to her room. They drank and suck face and it’s lights out. Back at the room Black talks Seezinz into going back to Flav’s room. She knocks and rings with no response.
The next morning Sinceer returns to the room in the same clothes she had on the night before. Black questions her knowing good and well where she was. Flav sends a Flav-O-Gram saying that the girls have a choice of three dates: 15 min, 30 min, and 1hour. They must decide amongst themselves who gets what date.

15 Minute Date: Sinceer (Wine and Cheese Lesson)
They hate the cheese. It smells worse than Shy’s breath according to Flav.

Sinceer tells him about Black questioning her and Flav isn’t feeling the invasion of privacy.

30 Minute Date: Black (Rooftop Poolside Enjoying Local Cocktails)
“Did you have a good night last night?” she asks. Flav has a flashback to New York asking him about how he slept last night. He doesn’t want a controlling woman who is going to keep tabs on him. He gets up and leaves her there. When she gets back to the room she fights with Sinceer (of course). And since she feels like she was jipped on her date she demands that she have Seezinz hour long date.
The three women travel down to Flav’s room to see who he would grant the date to.
Seezinz wins.

1 Hour date: Seezinz (French Lessons)
They’re flirting and kissing and having a great time. Black and Sinceer are back in the room hashing things out. Sinceer says she just calls it like she sees it and keeps it real with Flav. She doesn’t understand why the rest of them don’t. Black reveals that Seezinz said the only reason she took the hour date is cus she’s probably getting eliminatied and the only reason she’s here is cus of the drama she has with Sinceer. Black goes down to Flav’s room to share this with him. Flav makes Black go get Seezinz. He questions her. She admits she thinks that she’s partially there for drama. Black reveals some more ish and Flav dismisses them both.

Flav calls out the good and bad points of all the girls and tells Seezinz that her time is up. Then he starts talking about magic and how he’s going to perform a trick.



Thiiiiiiiing 2!!!!

Who’s In?:

Who’s Out?:


One Response to “Flavor of Love 3: Episode 13 Recap”

  1. I think seasons was the realest female in the house. She’ s to much woman for flav any way. He likes the hood rats. So seasons don’t worry girl there’s a real good looking/classy man awaiting for you, just be patient.I hope he ends up with unsincere because they sure will make a great couple. She looks like ugh mo, and he looks like a toad. Perfect fit

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