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First White Valedictorian at Black University

Joshua Packwood will be the first white valedictorian at the historically black college Morehouse. Of his experience he says, “Because I’m one of the only white students, it’s easy to call me ‘the white boy,’ I’m naturally going to stand out.” Packwood who maintained a 4.0 gpa during his 4 years at Morehouse surprisingly turned down a full scholarship at Columbia University to go to the all black men’s school. “A large majority of my friends, like all my girlfriends have been minorities,” says Packwood. “So it was very, it was kind of strange that I always kind of gravitated to the black community.” Source
Muy interesante…well u know what they once you go black, yadda yadda. Congratulations Joshua. Thanks for proving that black folks can’t do it…not even at their own institution. Excuse me whilst I go send up a prayer for the little blackles out there.

2 Responses to “First White Valedictorian at Black University”

  1. Lorin you are out of your mind – this is the funniest thing you have ever posted – no way — This is fucking funny

  2. Next thing you know, that fella is gonna be running as the third black presidential candidate…

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