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Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous

Below is an interview that Timeout Magazine did with Andre J., New Yorks newst “It” girl/boy. I’ve provided pics of Andre in between each question…you can thank me later. You love wearing women’s clothes, but you don’t consider yourself a cross-dresser.

Huh?I am an individual. I am someone who is extremely fashion-forward. I am someone who has X and Y chromosomes, and I utilize them both. I am genderless. I am love, baby. Love, love, love, love, love. Love of living! What are you wearing right now?
I’m wearing a beautiful, clean, snakeskin-print caftan. I’m barefoot and in touch with the earth. I am fresh and alive. What do you make of the recent Vogue cover with Gisele and LeBron James?
When I see LeBron James on the cover of Vogue, I just think, Amazing talent. I don’t get King Kong. When I see Gisele, I see beautiful, stunning Gisele. I didn’t see it as anything more than two humans who are excellent at what they do. Is Tyra Banks overrated?
Tyra Banks is fantastic. She started as a model and is now this amazing entrepreneur. Who isn’t inspiredby that? You’re famous for your beard. How much do you think Tom Cruise is paying Katie Holmes to be his?
No. I don’t have any response to that. You are bad. [Laughs] Have you ever been mistaken for a transsexual prostitute?
Oh goodness, I hear it all the time, honey! It was shocking at first: In my mind, I was like, A trannie doesn’t have a beard! [Laughs] Now it’s entertaining. People insist on finding some way to categorize. It’s not about me, it’s about them. – Time out


One Response to “Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous”

  1. How does this ass-clown manage to look like my artistic rendition of every yearbook picture of every teacher I hated in grade school?

    I mean he’s got every one of them down…but I’m pretty sure that’s not a penciled-in beard. It’s truly artwork.

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