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Ringling Brothers and Brangelina Circus

According to Star Magazine, living in Brangelina’s house is like living in a four ring circus. A source says, “Angelina doesn’t believe in old-fashioned restrictions because she finds them oppressive.So her rule is to have few rules.”
So that means chaotic meals (each child can have whatever they want to eat), nightmare bath hours (the bathroom’s soaking by the time they finish), children chirping in all different languages (Maddox only wants to speak in French) and six televisions that are on around the clock. Making things even crazier, cellphones, landlines, fax machines ring around the clock and the doorbell chimes with constant deliveries of clothes and toys.
“Their friends in Los Angeles, New Orleans and even Italy all say the same thing: It’s insane,” says a source. Source
Oh HEEEEEEELLLL No. Yea, it feels fun to play the uber liberal hippie parent but when your kids are destroying your damn house, cursin’ out their teachers, and robbing liquor stores all cus they didn’t have any structure then you’ll be crying. Shiiiiiiiit.

One Response to “Ringling Brothers and Brangelina Circus”

  1. cut to 15 years, Paris Hilton and La Lohan and Ms Ritchie will be commenting on E! about how out of control the Pitt-Jolie kids are and they need an intervention.

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