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Natalie Cole Diagnosed with Liver Disease

Natalie Cole’s publicist released a statement revealing the singer has Hepatitis C.  Natalie received news she had the liver disease during a routine doctor’s visit. It’s believed that she contracted the disease that is spread through contact with infected blood, during her years of excessive drug abuse.

According to her book Angel on My Shoulder, she abused crack cocaine, heroine, and LSD for many years and was even arrested for possession of heroine in Canada in ’75.


Her doctors say that she’s responding well to treatment and that the virus is now negative. 

I wish a speedy recovery to the talented Ms. Cole.

One of my fondest memories of Natalie Cole is 1. popping her Unforgettable: With Love album into the car’s cassette player and singing along while on family trips and 2. watching her host Big Break with my mom late on Friday nights.  Here’s a clip of a young R. Kelly and his group MGM (later to be called Public Announcement) performing on Big Break.



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