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Getting Bullied Helped Rihanna Succeed

Rihanna recently said that it was the colorism she experienced as a chilled that’s prepared her for the rough and tumble world of the entertainment industry.  She’s developed a thick skin because her light skin didn’t allow her to fit in and she was often the victim of bullying because of it.

She says, “It (prejudice) made me angry. It made me want to fight in my younger years. Having lighter skin wasn’t a problem in my household, but it was when I went to school – which really confused me at first. For the first six years of school, I would go home traumatized.” Source

I’m no pale face but I’ve had my share of “yella” inspired insults thrown my way.  What’s worse? Having an outsider call you a nigger? Or having one of your own exclude you because you’re not the same shade of brown?  Think about it…


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