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Nas Protests Against Fox News

Rapper Nas, nee Nasir Jones, participated in a protest outside of Fox Network in NYC along with ColorOfChange.org and MoveOn.org campaigners.  The group delivered a 600,000-name petition calling for network execs to end their “pattern of racist attacks against Black Americans”.  Nas told MTV, “The organization saw me as someone who could be a part of it, and they reached out. I was like, ‘Hell yeah, I’m a part of it!’ This is a network that’s been going after rappers … yet (Fox political commentator) Bill O’Reilly uses the phrase ‘lynching party’ for a woman. That’s the worst term I’ve ever heard to disrespect a woman, and he says it on television. And he doesn’t like rappers? Wow.”


I wonder what Fox and O’Reily’s response will be.  wE all know that he’s got a long sordid relationship with the world of hip-hop.


Update: O’Reilly’s Reaction



That Bill O’Reilly is a funny cat.  This is pure comedy.

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