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Mario Lopez to Be the New Sole Host of Extra

Mario has worked with Extra as a correspondent and has co-hosted its weekend edition since last year.  Now he’ll be taking over hosting duties from Mark McGrath and Dayna Devon. Mark wants to focus on his band Sugar Ray, which is recording another album.  Dayna isn’t leaving the show.  She’ll be reporting instead of hosting so Mario will have the Extra stage all to himself. Source

Is it me or did Mario seem to come out of NOWHERE.  Since he was on Dancing With the Stars he’s been on fiyah!  What was he really up to in the years between Saved By the Bell and Dancing With the Stars? And no, don’t say Pacific Blue.  That show should be forever expunged from his record.

What, however, should never, ever, ever be forgotten is his stint on Kids Incorporated.  Fast forward to the 0:55 mark to peep his sweet rapping skills.  Oh and Fergie’s in this too.  It may be hard to recognize her though…it’s before the meth face.


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