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Neyo Slams the Press

R&B singer Neyo is slamming the media for seemingly rewarding the bad behavior of celebrities instead of focusing on their talents.

He says, “Image is the most difficult thing. Back in the day, you were judged off your music, or how many hits you had or the quality of your music. Now it’s what celebrity you’re dating, or how many times you’ve been arrested in a year, or what drugs you’re doing. That’s what gets you the cover of a magazine.”



Hey, hey now! Don’t shoot the messenger.  That’s what the public wants to hear.  I suggest instead of criticizing the media you pick up a crack pipe and find a tranny to pork.  Let’s make your star shine a little brighter, shall we?


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One Response to “Neyo Slams the Press”

  1. HAha thats true the press never talk about anything good about anyone . they always look for bad stuff

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