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Tommy Boy’s Fam Gets the Boot

Tom Cruise’s mother, sister Cass and sister’s 2 kids have been living with Tom for years and apparently Katie has had enough.  When she and Tom moved into their new home his mother and sister didn’t come with but instead are living in the Scientology Center.

“He’s very close with his sisters and his mother and he always welcomes his family into his house,” an insider says …“Cass and her sons have been an integral part of Tom’s life, and Cass helps take care of Tom’s children when he is away,” adds the insider.

When Katie said they needed to get the boot, “Tom agreed things needed to be different,” the family friend says. “He assured her that they would not be moving in with them.” Source

I love my fam a lot too but there would have to be some serious extenuating circumstances for them to come live with me.  And if I had as much money as Tom I’d by them a condo and be done with it.  So yea, beat it! Scram! Hit the road Jack! Kick rocks! Go jump in a lake!


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