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Batman’s Voice is Redic

As much as The Dark Knight is being praised it’s being criticized as well.  The one main complaint has to do with Christian Bale’s voice.  When he’s Bruce Wayne his voice is normal.  But as soon as he puts on the bat suit his voice gets uncomfortably deep and raspy…pretty much for no reason at all. “His Batman rasps his lines in a voice that’s deeper and hammier than ever,” said NPR’s David Edelstein.

Weird voice or not the movie is inches away from the $400 million mark and still climbing. Source

Uh, yea I distinctly recall listening to him speak during the final face off between him and the joker and thinking, “What the hell’s up with that voice?”  I mean, it’s bad enough he has a lisp and wonky shark teeth but adding in the strained deep voice was just a step too far. 


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