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Biggie Saga Continues

Marion “Suge” Knight is finding his name associated with the mystery surrounding Biggie Smalls’ death,…again.

The LA Times reports that the same inmate who implicated a LA officer in Biggie’s death then recanted is now saying that he did so because he was threatened by Suge Knight. Waymond “Suave” Anderson says to have received the threats through Chuck Philips, the former LA Times reporter who was recently fired in connection with articles he wrote that were full of fabricated information.

Phillips who has written several stories suggesting Anderson may be innocent of the 1993 murder of Biggie Smalls said, “That never happened. I’m flabbergasted by this whole thing. This is the ultimate betrayal.” Philips has written several stories about Anderson’s murder conviction suggesting that Anderson may be innocent. Source

This whole thing is shady.  I don’t think any one of these folks can be trusted of believed.  Barring a video tape of the murder I don’t think the real story of what happened that night will ever come out.


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