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Hulk Says Jail is Good for Nick

Hulk Hogan thinks that his son Nick, who’s currently in jail for leaving his friend half dead in a drag racing incident, is a “better man” from this whole experience.  He also thinks Nick is much happier since he moved into the general population on his 18th birthday.  He told People, reports: “It’s much better. Nick describes it as like a two-story warehouse with tables, seven or eight phones, TVs, and it’s people who are there for like child support and parking tickets. And instead of just once in a while being allowed to go outside, they leave the door open to the exercise yard. He said, ‘Dad, I can even go outside at night and look at the stars.’

“He was moving through life and maybe not real appreciative of things. When this happened, it totally spun him in a 180. … It’s the best thing that ever happened to him. I’m not saying it’s a good thing. But it happened for a reason.” Source

Best thing ever huh? I bet John Graziano the young man injured in the accident wouldn’t say that.  But then again I don’t think John will be saying much of anything…ever again.


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