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You’re One to Talk!

Mischa Barton has been quoted as saying she hates drunk drivers.  She said that she’s disgusted at herself for her DUI arrest last year because she can’t stand drunk drivers.  She told Marie Claire, “The thing is, I hate drunk drivers. Living in L.A., I can’t stand them, and that’s why I was so disappointed in myself. I wanted to prove to the court that I would take it completely seriously, so I went to rehab to prove I was sober. It really helped in getting the more serious aspects of my case dropped because, you know, that’s what they want to hear: you’re not an alcoholic, and you don’t have a problem.”

She also thinks that the behavior of young Hollywood is partly attributed to the media and gossip press driving them crazy.  She says, “I don’t look at the gossip web sites – it’s unhealthy, and I think it’s a large part of what drives people in L.A. crazy.” Source

Oh she’s just mad that someone captured her thighs in all their cellulitous glory.


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