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M.I.A. is Terrorist?!

M.I.A. is being accused of supporting terrism again.  Back in ’05 she said, “I’ve heard lots of people say that I’m part of a terrorist group and I’m singing about that, and singing songs for them, but that’s wack, I’d never do that.”  Another hip-hop artist DeLon, who is Sri Lankan like M.I.A., remixed her video for “Paper Planes” adding in Tamil Tiger bombings and child soldiers.  DeLon claims that M.I.A. has shown her support for terrorist by using imagery from the Liberation Tiger Tamils of Eelam (LITE)-on her clothing and in her videos, and that she referred to her father as a “freedom fighter”.

” Marshall Shen, head of DeLon’s record label, Ceylon, told E!:

“In the video, we didn’t really accuse her of being a Tamil Tiger.  But we’re asking, why she is putting these images out there if she doesn’t support them?” Source

I’m not the most worldly person so its hard for me to have an opinion on these matters but I did some research and found that M.I.A.’s dad was the cofounder of a pro-Tamil group called EROS.  Tamil militant groups started when Sri Lanka gained independence and created laws that would help further the upper class while stunting the progress of the middle, Tamil class. Sounds like a worthy enough cause but pro-Tamil groups are now considered to be terrorists by many countries including the United States. Are they really terrorists?  Is M.I.A. in support of terrorism? I don’t know. Whatever message she’s trying to put out there the forum she’s chosen makes a lot of sense.  Music has been a major tool in spreading both peace and propaganda in times of conflict.  I suppose the only confirmation of terrorist activity will be if she takes makes any stronger statements.  Until then these ‘instances’ will have to be chalked up to coincidence.

DeLon’s video is available for download at Public.Me.Com.


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One Response to “M.I.A. is Terrorist?!”

  1. I really don’t know how to react to this. I found Delon’s statement here on this blog — http://delonmusic.com/blog/blog.html… All politics aside, I think he’s pretty talented..

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