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Ro-Han Post

Even after three trips to rehab Lindsay still hasn’t shaped up.  She goes out partying with her ‘galpal’ DJ Samantha Ronson and apparently the two really get it in.  They went to a party last weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago where Sam’s Bro Mark was DJing.  They spent most of the time under the table near Mark’s feet where drinks were being passed to them. Lindsay and her girlfriend decided to attend the party and were said to have spent most of the time hiding underneath a table near Mark’s feet. Source

I take back my statements about Samantha being good for Lindsay.  All this time I thought she was keeping he rout of trouble.  Instead she’s just really good at hiding her enabling ways.


More Ro-Han…

Lindsay and Sam have reportedly gotten matching tattoos.  Lindsay had a white heart on her hand that she got outlined in black and Sam got the same one.  Then Lindsay had red stars tattooed on her hand to match the red stars on Sam’s arm. Source

For two people who are always trying to convince the world of their non gaiety seems like they’re acts of undying love are pretty public, no?


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