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White Rapper Disses Obama

Ludacris’ recently released track “Politics as Usual” which he intended to show his support for Obama was denounced by Obama’s camp and referred to as “racist and irreverent.  Now there’s a new song directed at Obama from a Harlem rapper named E-Shy that attacks the presidential hopeful.  In “Obama Diss” the Irish Jew raps, “What can I say Mr. Obama / you’re full of fiction like a drama / the same people that’s supporting you who supported Osama.” Later in the song he adds, “Mr. Obama, you got no heart / You dis-owned your church because you figure it’s politically smart … He was shocked that his pastor hated whites / Obama’s been in that church 20 years, yea right / Ludacris says Obama should paint the White House black to scare them / I wonder who is them? my friend.”

E-Shy, who’s being called the next Eminem, feels that his fellow hip-hoppers have only begun supporting Obama because it’s trendy. “Many in hip-hop were originally supportive of Hillary in the early primaries and now everyone acts like there are original Obama people down for a cause. It’s about as false as this guy’s inflated campaign and credentials,” he says. Source

You can check out the song and video below:

Not sure how I feel about it.  What do you think?

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