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Cosby Kid Talks About Growing Up Rich

Bill and Camille Cosby’s daughter Evin discusses her life of privilege at the opening of her boutique, PB & Caviar, in Tribeca:

“My own people used to say to me, ‘You speak like a white woman.’  What does that even mean, anyway? Everyone has their way of speaking and living their life. No one should be judging and assuming that because I’m black, I have to speak in that hip-hop way. That’s something I prefer not to do.”

“I always went to private schools – Bank Street elementary, Columbia Prep – so I was surrounded by people like me. Not so much African-American, but privileged. I don’t really have a connection to other people who didn’t have my lifestyle. But my dad is very into helping people from his own community in Philadelphia.” Source

So you’ve not only exposed yourself as an idiot…you’re also a snobby bitch too.  Kewl, good to know.


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