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Lil Wayne’s Daughter Killed?!

Rumors that Lil Wayne’s 8-year-old daughter Reginae Carter, had been killed in a car accident were swirling earlier this week.  Reports were unconfirmed long enough for people to become genuinely concerned.  Then a woman who said she was the girl’s aunt posted a message online saying,


“Thanx to all of u who are genuinely concerned about the recent report of Reginae being killed in a car accident. It means a lot to our family to know that so many of u care (calls have been coming in to our family all day & are continuing to do so). I am pleased to inform u that this report is FALSE!! It is merely a rumor started by someone who obviously is miserable in their own skin that they would even have the notion to attack a child. Rest assured Reginae is tucked away in her bed @ this very moment trying to get past the hurt this ugliness has caused her and our family. It’s ironic however that although the evil, hellbound [EXPLETIVE] that started this hate mail did something like this to Reginae….she still said a special prayer for them 2nite. This is Nae’s Aunt & all of the responses that I wanted give all went out the window when I heard that prayer. So to all of our extended family & friends & fans…please join us in saying a special prayer for the lost soul who simply had nothing better to do….be sure to include .. LORD please forgive them…for they know not what they do”. We love u all,we thank u…and we hope u will spread the good news…Nae-Nae is okay…smile God loves U!!”


In addition SOHH has learned that little Reginae was definitely not killed in a car crash and is alive and well.  A rep from Lil Wayne’s label, Universal Records said that reports of her death are completely false. Source

Why anyone would lie about something this serious is beyond me.  Sometimes people really disgust me.


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