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Lynn Spears’ Book Hitting Shelves Soon

Lynn Spears’ new book “Through the Storm: A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World will finally be out next month.  In it she talks about Brit’s breakdown and Jamie Lynne’s pregnancy.   According to E! Online:

“The stories Lynne shares reveal the heart of a mother who struggles to keep faith at the center of her life through its many unexpected twists and serendipitous turns,” the pre-review states. The book retails for $24.99.
The book will be touching on Britney’s breakdown, Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy and the infamous Sam Lutfi.

We want to like you Lynn.  We really do.  But you’ve got to stop being such a douchery mom.  I understand you need to get paid too but your kids are screwed up enough….they need hugs mom, hugs.


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