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DMX Hospitalized

DMX’s lawyer, public defender Charles Kozelka had a deadline of 4pm Tuesday (August 12th) to explain to a phoenix court why he didn’t show up for his drug possession case.  When he did so a warrant was still issued for DMX’s arrest.

“We provided intake documentation, and the judge said it was insufficient,” Kozelka said. “The judge said he should have informed the court sooner, and because it was the second time he’d missed court in this case, she issued the warrant.”

The documentation he speaks of is documentation proving DMX had checked into a Miami hospital the day he was to appear in court. His lawyer didn’t reveal why he was in there nor would he confirm that Earl was in Rehab. What he did say is that the rapper’s team is “working towards getting him some help, and we hope that will be taken seriously by all parties in this case,” including the court and DMX himself, who is “serious” about getting help with his substance abuse issues.

“Obviously, it’s not working now,” he said. “We are in court again next week on other matters, and my hope is we can get the warrant resolved by then and get back on track. We have some things in the works to get the warrant taken care of. My hope is that we can resolve it without an arrest, but he’s been arrested at the airport before, so they obviously have an eye out for him, so I’m not sure.”

There’s a warrant for his arrest and the judge also raised his bond to $25,000 for failure to appear. Source

Between him and Amy I don’t know who’s worse.  Someone needs to lock them both up somewhere so they can’t be a danger to themselves or anyone else. 


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