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Master P Does a Name Change

Dirty South rapper Master P, nee Percy Miller, as officially changed his name to P. Miller and announced that he won’t respond to master P anymore.  He said,

“I am changing my name because Master P is who I used to be, I call it my childhood and P. Miller marks my manhood,” he said. “I wouldn’t change my past because it has groomed me to be the man I am today. Growing up has nothing to do with age. People grow up mentally and spiritually through life experiences, but when you come from hip-hop it is almost impossible to get past the stereo-type it associates you with. I will always love hip-hop; it plays a major role in who I am today. I have branched out into so many different arenas that range from being the first African-American to have a clothing line at Wal-Mart, to writing books, and speaking on Capitol Hill, but all of that gets overshadowed because I come from the hip-hop industry.”

He said a bunch of other stuff about teaching young rappers to evolve and grow and change but y’all get the gist. Source

I’m all for evolution and lately I’ve been proud of Percy and the whole Miller clan.  But if he pulls a Puffy and starts changing his name every damn week I’ll have to remove him from my mental rolodex forever.


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