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R. Kelly is Pissed! (Get it? Pissed…)

Drewreports.com is saying that R. Kelly is upset that his name and likeness are being used for “disgorgement of ill-gotten gains.  This comes about a nightclub allegedly used his name and image to promote one of their events without his permission.  He filed a lawsuit Friday (August 15, 2008) against two promoters at Sugar nightclub because they put his name and face on fliers “falsely advertising” that he was hosting their event. Source

You would think 1. he’d be happy anyone wanted him to promote something and 2. he’d wouldn’t want to see the inside of a courtroom ever again. 


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2 Responses to “R. Kelly is Pissed! (Get it? Pissed…)”

  1. R Kelly is the most talented baby fucker in history. with hit songs like “I know she’s 5 (but i fucked her anyway)”, “Tell me baby…what’s your diaper size”, and his newest hit “fucked you at daycare”, R. Kelly has managed to monopolize the pedophile industry while still getting half you dumb fucks to like him and believe he is innocent. in the Past he had married Aaliyah (i don’t know how he got her to say “i do”, she wasn’t even old enough to speak!), & had sex with the hansons (which he thought were three small blonde girls). R. Kelly has had more sex with children that Ted Nugent has buffalo. but please keep buying his records so he has money to video tape more footage of him fucking your children before they are even born. i would say he needs to be shot but doing that would only keep our children sexually safe forever.

  2. 1. if people show up @ d party and don’t find r kelly’s d host, i don’t have to spell out to any1 the sort of things his haters can get up to.
    2. of course he wouldn’t wanna see the inside of a court room, but it seems to be the only option unless i can pee on this promoters on his behalf. even if the promoters have success they wouldn’t say thank you r kelly we usd yo name without yo consent, not to mention any proceedings.

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