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So Dumb…

Bow Wow posted a Video challenging fellow rapper The Game to a $100K Madden playoff with the possibility of the proceeds going to charity.

Check out the vid below:


The Game’s Response:


Ya know…I can’t and I won’t.  First of all, Bow Wow has slowly gone from one of Mama Lo’s PYTs (J Boog, I still got my eye on you) to a conceited annoying little piss ant.  The Game, whom I’ve never particularly cared for is admittedly disrespectful as hell but that doesn’t make it ok.  Third of all this is a stupid way to throw money away.  We know that if this goes down they’re not going to donate it to charity and in reality they need to keep every red cent they have.  Cus it’s only a matter of time before one of them falls victim to a case of BNB…Black ‘N Broke.


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