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Spidey Caught in a Lie

During an interview with Ryan Seacrest, My Little Pony, er, I mean Heidi Montag, claimed that she was still a virgin.  Her boyfriend Spencer said, “We don’t sin over here,” and added that they place “pillows in between” them at night so they’re not tempted to have sex.” The couple also said that Heidi’s really religious and her “next album is going to be a Christian one.”

Sweet, eh? Well Hollyscoop dug up an old episode of the Hills where Heidi had a pregnancy scare.  She told Spencer, “I took a pregnancy test,” but assured him that it turned out negative. Hollyscoop

Talk about busted.  Whenever celebrities talk about their sexual status it ALWAYS comes back to bite them in the ass.  Not to say that it’s impossible for folks to wait until their married or not have sex for moral reasons but there’s no need to announce it to the world.  Cus the second…the second you go against your vow of purity everyone knows about it and then you look like a big ol’ hypocrite.


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