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The Game Comes Out On Top…of Bow Wow

A few weeks ago Bow Wow challenged fellow rapper, The Game to a Madden face off with $100K at stake. Well the two met this past Friday (September 5,2008) in LA. 

It was apparent early on that The Game was whopping Bow Wow’s tail.  At which point the lil bird chested boy began to complain, “Y’all playing in the snow. This is some janky-ass sh**”. He also said repeatedly that there was a glitch in the game. 55-23 was the final score and The Game won the prize of $100K, which will be donated to charity.

“I don’t care what they say, It was in the snow, first of all,” Bow Wow said. “Second of all … nah, I’m just playing. We had a lot of fun doing it. … Money going to charity. We both winners at the end of the day. It feel good to come together.” Source

No, both of you aren’t winners…just the game…not you small fry….just him.

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