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Jamie Lynn Fools the Paps

Airport police were able to trick paparazzi with a fake Jamie Lynn Spears.  While the paps’ cameras clicked away at the fake Jamie Lynn, the real JL and baby Maddie left through a different area. Cops say they had nothing to do with the switch.

“All (the officers) did was follow the crowd down to the baggage area,” said Sgt. Jim Holcomb of the Los Angeles airport police. “The people they were following assumed that this was Spears because she was blonde.”

Holcomb said it’s against department policy to provide security for celebrities, but officers were willing to do it after the Spears family asked for an escort for Jamie Lynn, her baby, her mother and her older sister Britney, who ended up being a no-show.

“If there’s extenuating circumstances, we can do what we need to do,” Holcomb said. “If there was no baby — hey, you’re on your own. You’re an adult.” Source

Riiiiiight.  Cus we’re supposed to believe that.


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