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Olsen’s are Nasty Neighbors

Apparently the twin titans are nasty neighbors.  Their NYC neighbors have labeled them disruptive, intrusive and totally disrespectful.

They’re loud and their constant partying is pissing people off.

One resident said: “Mary-Kate and Ashley are two spoiled brats who change
the character of the neighborhood

Another added: “It is a peaceful, quiet street. Plenty of other celebrities
around this block – Sarah Jessica Parker, Liv Tyler, Gisele Bundchen and
Julianne Moore – are good neighbors and blend in with the neighbourhood –
but these two are invaders

Their massage security detail doesn’t help matters either.

A neighbor on West 13th Street, who said there are two giant GMC Denali
SUVs parked outside the twins’ home every night, said: “
You would think
there was a government operation going on with the amount of security they
The good news is that it’s only a rental, and we all hope it’s not a
long-standing one
The girls’ rep has denied the claims saying, “
If there were significant issues, you would think that the
neighbors would address Ashley or Mary-Kate directly, rather than calling
the media

I’m one for minding my own damn business when it comes to neighbors…not I don’t want to know your name, no I don’t want to go jogging together and no you can’t borrow any sugar. BUT and however, if their lifestyle is so ridiculous that it effin up my sleep timetable or my groove in anyway shape or form, it’s war!  Just ask the dudes that lived downstairs from me in New Brunswick.  I knew the police dispatcher by name.  Hey Maureen! I miss ya honey!


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