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Bindi’s Bro to Get His Own Show?

Terri Irwin, widow of Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin, not only wants her daughter, Bindi, to be a star but she’s also working on the career of her 4-year-old son Bob .  Bindi has a wildlife show on Discovery Kids, her own fashion line, and a doll collection and Terri wants lil bob to have his own show. 

While filming a potential pilot Bob is seen wrestling a baby croc and cradling reptiles.  Bob was too little when his dad dangled him in front of a croc to remember it but that doesn’t mean that he’ll ever forget his dad.  His mom has the children watch their dad’s DVDs every morning during breakfast. 

Terri said, “It’s comforting and familiar. It’s nice while we’re having breakfast to hear Steve’s voice in the background. It’s special.” Source

I understand that Terri’s doin the best she can…and folks grieve in their own way.  But crickey that’s creepy!


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