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Christina Aguilera is Addicted to Makeup

Life & Style Magazine reveals that Xtina has an addiction to makeup. 

“Christina barely gives her pores a chance to breathe. Her makeup team will be done, and she’ll look great, but she’ll see herself in the mirror and say ‘More!’”

Foundation is Xtina’s favorite cosmetic: “She’s not happy until you can write your initials in it!”

“When she’s in the makeup chair in the morning with no makeup on, she’s stunning. She’s a naturally beautiful girl. But she just doesn’t see it that way.” source

Addicted to makeup, eh? Well that’s a real shocker. I’ve always seen Christina’s makeup choices as understated and plain.  Strange…


One Response to “Christina Aguilera is Addicted to Makeup”

  1. Don’t hate. This woman is beautiful. With or without makeup.

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