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CiCi is Still Mad Over the Nude Vibe Shoot

Singer Ciara is really pissed about the nude Vibe cover currently on the shelves.  She contends that she didn’t pose nude for it and that the pics were photo shopped to make her appear nude.  The photographer, Danyel Smith, contends that she was indeed nude.

Here’s what Cici had to say:

“I think, at this point, I’d rather just be quiet about things such as that but I definitely want to make it clear that I was going in to do something artistic, and I was upset that when I saw the photos, everything was gone. . . It’s very, very upsetting and somewhat misleading.”

“I walked into the Vibe photo shoot very excited about making an artistic expression. And when I saw the photos, I was a little bothered because the photos appear as if I was nude, and I wasn’t nude. I reached out to [Danyel Smith] — I sent her a letter — and I was a little upset, too, in the fact that she didn’t respond to me, and that happened prior to me reading her quote on the Internet.”

“That definitely bothered me, just because of the fact that I wasn’t nude. I walked into the photo shoot to do an artistic photo shoot, so I was excited about that. I just didn’t like the fact that I saw the picture and now, stuff is gone . . . I think the body is something beautiful, and I wanted to celebrate that. And unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly what it was in the photo shoot, and I’m looking forward to moving forward.” Source

Did they really dupe her or is she having second thoughts about posing nude?


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