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Pat O’rien Gets Canned and Goes into Rehab

Pat O’Brien is parting ways with the CBS entertainment news shoe “The Insider”. And by ‘parting ways’ I mean he got canned.  A week or so ago he sent an e-mail to The Insider staff members trash talking his co-host Lara Spencer.

Here’s the statement CBS issued:

“Pat O’Brien is a talented broadcaster who has been a part of The Insider family from the very beginning. Although we have decided to part ways, everyone at CBS Television Distribution and The Insider greatly appreciate and respect all his contributions to our show. We wish Pat much success in his future endeavors.”

Update: Pat O’Brien Checks into Rehab…

According t Perez Pat is back in rehab for the second time this year to deal with his boozin’.  He was in the tank back in March after he got blitzed and left a rambling and rediculous voicemail on some chick’s phone.  The voicemail was then leaked to the public. Source

Patty you’re 60 god damn years old for the love of Mike.  Lock it the hell up!

Below is the series of drunk messages he left.  Kids, EARMUFFS! This is not for you.  Grownups, listen at home.  This is NSFW.


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