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T.I. Ordered to Pay More Child Support

A judge ruled in the favor of LaShon Dixon, the mother of two of rapper T.I.’s sons.  T.I., nee Clifford Harris, who was paying $2,000 a month will now have to pay just over $3,000 a month in child support.  He’ll still have to pay for the boys’ private schooling and other misc. expenses.  Source

I hope that extra G actually goes to the children…which it probably won’t.


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3 Responses to “T.I. Ordered to Pay More Child Support”

  1. Who ‘The Hell’ are you the say that the money probably won’t go to the children. How dare you. Unless you know the mother personally and knows what she does and how she takes care of her children, you shouldn’t make a judgement on her and what she won’t do.

    People like you make me furious. I suppose you don’t think she/the kids deserve that amount of money.

  2. Child support is based on a percentage of the non custodial parents income. Any entertainer’s (or rapper’s) income is hardly ever a number a constant figure. Most of the time entertainers get bonus and make money off record sales. Bonus cannot be considered income. What if his album flopped? I pay about $400/month in child support for my two children and they get by just fine. This chick is gettin paid more than me. She needs to go get a job and quit beggin’.

  3. As a single mom of 3…$3000 would be enough. However, TI’s children fall under a different category. For instance, private school definitely costs a grip! I can just about imagine what sports and after school programs his boys are signed up for! Being a celebrity(s) kid takes more money to keep them safe and out of harms way and PRIVATE!. Therefore, no one should be judgemental or prejudice when it comes down to more money for CELEBRITY(S) KIDS.

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