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Arkansas Mayor Apologizing for Blackface Stunt

Arkansas City mayor, Mel Kuhn, is in a heap of trouble after showing up at a fundraiser for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) dressed in drag and blackface.

Mel performed as the character “Smellishis Poon” and actually won the contest.  His backup dancers were the “Red Hot Puntangs.”

After the NAACP got wind of this Mel felt the need to apologize.

He issued the following apology:

“It has been brought to my attention how offensive this was and I absolutely agree that it was shortsighted of me not to see that in the first place. I am sincerely sorry and I sincerely apologize for the offensive nature of my actions. This was not CASA, this was of my own volition, and I take full responsibility for my actions. The buck absolutely stops here”. – Mayor Mell H. Kuhn

Mel wasn’t going to apologize at first and felt the need to make the distinction between black face and tan face, that latter of which he said he employed. Source

I don’t know if I think his actions were racist or not.  Only god knows what is in his heart.  But I DO think that his actions were ignorant and absolutely inappropriate for the purpose of that event. You wanna do blackface, er, excuse me, tan face at your family back yard barbeque, that’s fine.  But to do so at an event that is raising money to help children in the foster system? Unacceptable, vulgar and dirty.  And another thing, he shouldn’t go down alone as the only one with bad judgment.  There were a bunch of folks there that thought his act was not only funny but good enough to win the contest.


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