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Gay Rumors Don’t Bother John Legend

John Legend told allhiphop.com that the gay rumors he’s been faced with since he hit the scene don’t faze him.

“Blogs, their job is to talk s*#t everyday. They have to fill up space. You know, I understand. They are trying to be entertaining. They are trying to fill up space everyday and sometimes they don’t have anything interesting to talk about so they got to make s*&t up. I understand, I read some of the blogs sometimes, and I think it’s funny. You can’t let that get to you; you just got to keep living your life.Source

Oh that statement reminds me of one of my fave hagaliscious songs, “Free” by Ultra Nate.

Get out your boas and glitter my lovelies! Let’s twirl! (That includes you John…you know you want to.)


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